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Thank you for coming along on my travels. By visiting my blogs you can keep up with my adventures across this wide fascinating world. You can also get the first glimpses of my travel photography which may or may not make it into one of my collections. From Tibet to Italy, So. Africa to Fiji, we will have a lot of fun together on these interactive blogs. And you can even help me with the orphanages I visit, or even meet me in some far off land for a week or two. I've been around the world, I've crisscrossed lots more than the seven wonders of the world, but since 1990 (my first 4 month around-the-world adventure) I have tended to incorporate service in what I like to call 'Traveling With A Cause'. Helping orphans and mothers and old people in amazingly dire circumstances adds such depth and purpose and life-changing experience to my travels. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. So come along. Sign up below for my current adventure and feel free to review my previous 'Traveling With A Cause trips below. I'd love to hear your suggestions, ideas or comments so be sure to write on the blog. If you have any travel stories that include volunteering at an orphanage please send them to me for inclusion on the orphans website. To understand my personal humanitarian hopes and dreams for the children around the world please be sure to visit Come volunteer with me, help me with a clothing project or just come along to play with the children. The forgotten children in the world need all the help we can give and it's not that difficult to do it while traveling if you just plan it out ahead. If you want to arrange your own "Traveling With A Cause" trip and need any tips, just drop me a line on the blog or contact me through this website. Thanks for stopping by and happy travels!
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TIBET 2008


Visit My Websites - I created this for two Tibetans I met - links to Tibet orphanages




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ITALY 2010

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  Here are the spots I plan to visit before it's too late. These are places with populations of interesting  indigenous people, endangered flora and fauna, and sublime natural beauty: all of which are of high interest to me. We will take some of the most unique photographs in the world while spending time working in local orphanages and do our share to save the people and the planet along the way. We cannot fix everything, but we can fix some things. Come along and live this dream with me through photography, film, and daily journal entries. As a starving artist I may need to help me sell my art, music, videos or perhaps donate a few dollars for my sustenance. Whether you join me as a sponsor or a spectator, I assure you a lot of adventure, cultural shocks, unseen wonders and even tears. Come along. Join me today!

Indonesia– Bali – New Guinea/Solomon Islands

Pyrenees, Spain, Portugal, Morocco

New Caledonia Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands
Galapagos, Quite, Ecuador Highlands

Tanzania – Kenya – Safari

Chilean Winter Rainfall-Valdivian Forests  Caribbean Islands
Tumbes/Chocó-Magdalena  Mesoamerica
 Mountains of Central Asia  Atlantic Forest
 Coastal Forests of Eastern Africa Tropical Andes
 Mediterranean Basin Caucasus
Irano-Anatolian Eastern Afromontane
Cape Floristic Region  Guinean Forests of West Africa
 Horn of Africa  East Melanesian Islands
   Mountains of Southwest China
Anchorage – Northern Lights  Western Ghats and Sri Lanka
 Indo-Burma  New Zealand
Southwest Australia Polynesia-Micronesia
Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Chile & Argentina Patagonia Norway, Sweden/Finland
New Guinea/Solomon Islands Polynesia-Micronesia
Southwest Australia  

If you are a lover of peace and human rights, if you understand that we each must help preserve this earth for our grandchildren, please visit some of my favorite sites. Maybe one will grab you like they have me and you'll join us. Here are my favorite human rights and animal conservation sites:

This movement is dedicated to ending the suffering of the Tibetan people by returning the right of self-determination to the Tibetan people. Tibet's ancient and fantastic civilization and ecosystem are faced with extinction due to 59 years of mismanagement and abuse under its colonial ruler, the People's Republic of China. The ongoing destruction of Tibet will only be halted when the fate of Tibet is once again back in the hands of the Tibetans. Please contact a Tibet Support Group near you to find out what you can do to help!
Conservation International - Madagascar

The 2003 Dreamworks movie Madagascar had it right: This island is like no place on Earth. Imagine a place filled with small, strange looking creatures roaming a landscape ranging from lush forests to drier, sometimes spiny forests, where giant bottle-shaped trees mark the skyline. more

Biodiversity Hotspots

Life on Earth
faces a crisis of historical and planetary proportions. Unsustainable consumption in many northern countries and crushing poverty in the tropics are destroying wild nature. FIND OUT more


  • Tibetan Center for
    Human Rights & Democracy

    A Tibetan monk died from torture whilst in Chinese detention – 10 September 2009

    According to reliable information received today by the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD), a Tibetan monk from Drepung Monastery has died from torture in a Chinese detention center, Lhasa. more


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